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8power is a Cambridge, UK based innovative technology company specialising in self-powered wireless sensor solutions for industrial plant applications. We are enabling machine condition monitoring at lower cost and easy installation for water/waste treatment, manufacturing industries and oil and gas industries. The 8power solution is based on ground breaking, patented technology from the University of Cambridge.


8power’s technology provides a proactive, early warning and remote monitoring solution for a range of industrial plant equipment. This offers organisations a self-powered, scalable solution to monitor plant equipment installed in unmanned, remote or difficult to reach locations. 8power uses energy harvested from the assets environment to provide an easy to install, efficient and consistent way of monitoring different sizes and types of industrial asset.


Our patented Vibration Energy Harvester (VEH) technology provides self-powered wireless sensors that eliminate battery changes or wiring of power supplies. This dramatically lowers the cost of installation and operation over the life of an asset.  VEH provides a sustainable and scalable solution to address the sensing needs of a range of equipment types.