15 December, 2016: CW Connected Devices SIG

‘Boring but lucrative, the real Internet of Things’

The prospect of a massively connected world that lives on data has driven vast innovation in platforms, new communication standards such as LPWAN and NB-IoT, data analytics, sensors and cloud technologies. But instead of a brave new world, most deployments and revenue remain in vertical M2M style applications. Is the IoT too all-encompassing a concept, which has diverted attention from where the real business models reside, or do we just need to wait a few more years for some more elements of technology to fall into place? Join our expert speakers to hear their perspectives on where the IoT is going, why it is taking longer than expected and where the real business models are to be found.

The Connected Devices SIG is championed by Paul Green of Iotic Labs, Nick Hunnof WiFore, Antony Rix of 8power and Tim Whittaker of Cambridge Consultants.

8power will be presenting its view of applications where smart, self-powered wireless sensors can deliver substantial value to users and stakeholders.

The event is open to all but registration is required and non-members need to pay a fee. We recommend you book early as these SIG events are usually over-subscribed. Further information on the CW Site.