8power & Severn Trent Condition Monitoring Project receives Highly Commendable Status in Industry Water Award

8power and Severn Trent Water are delighted to have been awarded Highly Commendable Status in the WWTOnline Water Industry Awards in the category “Most Innovative Use of Existing Technology”.


Project Delivers Substantial Savings


8power has completed a successful project with Severn Trent at its Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (THP) at Minworth wastewater treatment works. The pilot delivered substantial cost savings.  As a result, a new maintenance regime has been developed at the £60 million plant utilising 8power’s “Fit & Forget” technology.  The system monitors asset health and usage to flag anomalies or changing trends enabling a more proactive maintenance approach.  During the pilot, 8power’s system identified an asset that had random impact forces enabling Severn Trent Water to remedy the situation and save thousands of pounds.


Said Alan Butcher, Strategic Maintenance Manager of Severn Trent’s Bioresources team,


“Working with 8power and Severn Trent Innovation team we have been monitoring the health of a few of our critical assets. Looking at the data, we had found one of our assets had random impact forces. If this had been a fault with the asset, the impacts would always be present. So this triggered a question. What is going on? The 8power system identified an issue with the pin and the pump housing. The fault was rectified instantly and a plan to replace the damaged housing in the March shutdown is in place. If we had not detected the problem, the assets would have destroyed itself without any indication. A great find and a huge costly maintenance plan of £462,000 avoided.”


Reducing carbon footprint with energy harvesting sensors


The 8power end to end system comprises sensors that deliver data to the cloud that can then be integrated with existing software systems through an Application Programming Interface (API).  A unique feature of 8power sensors is when the sensor is mounted on a pump or motor, the vibration from the asset operation is converted into electrical energy. This renewable energy source powers the sensors and wireless system and eliminates battery changes for up to 10 years. It is therefore much cleaner than other sensor systems and will also help water companies to mitigate the costs and risk of unplanned maintenance. Unplanned maintenance and downtime can cost £18,000 a minute. The technology can therefore deliver substantial cost savings . Data can be delivered directly to mobile devices via an app or to desktop computers.


Peace of mind with regard to network resilience and asset availability


The system gives peace of mind as it can detect changes in vibration, temperature and humidity, delivering data insights to enable companies to help prioritise maintenance issues across the estate of assets. Other benefits include reducing downtime and repair costs as well as increasing network resilience and asset availability to meet regulatory targets for Outcome Delivery Incentive (ODI) payments.


The data obtained during this pilot evidenced hard financial benefits of using a ‘fit and forget’ style proactive condition monitoring approach. Given this, the Bioresources team are now reviewing potential larger deployments based on criticality and asset health registers.  Additionally, following successful trial results, the Severn Trent Innovation team is now also collaborating with other areas of the business to review potential deployment on various asset classes.


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