Cambridge-based 8power launches Track 200 self-powered sensors for global wireless applications

TC3 Summit chosen for introducing technology breakthrough to Network Providers

31st October 2017 (Cambridge, England and Mountain View, California) – This week 8power unveils three new products in its Track 200 range of low power, energy harvesting sensors. 8power’s products use patented technology to increase life and reporting rate in high end industrial applications including transport, infrastructure and shipping.

8power has chosen the 10th annual Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) Summit in Silicon Valley to introduce their latest innovation. Major network providers attend TC3 to discover the latest technologies for delivering sector-specific, valued added solutions in different vertical and horizontal markets.

Paul Egan, VP, Business Development, at 8power is looking forward to building upon the company’s growing ecosystem of partners. Paul explains: “Pre-launch feedback from customers has been tremendously encouraging. We are really excited about the new Track 200 sensors because they enable a level of granularity in industrial data collection not possible with devices currently on the market. Our patented technology captures power from the local environment using energy harvesting. As a result, 8power’s Track 200 products can report mission critical information more frequently and in real time – at a significantly lower cost than wired systems. The Track Cloud platform processes this information as it arrives. By providing our partners and end customers with timely alerts, evidence and insights for decisions, we help them improve the quality they deliver, pinpoint faults and issues, optimise the use of assets, and reduce costs.”


If you would like to arrange a meeting with Paul, book a demo, borrow a sample or request further information about 8power’s Track range of self-powered sensors, please contact or call +44 1223 781610.


About 8power (Cambridge, England)

8power uses IoT and AI technology for collecting, analysing and acting upon sensing and measurement data in industrial wireless applications. Our Track 200 self-powered sensors monitor the condition of your high value assets in real time, for a long time – and our Track Cloud platform puts this asset intelligence at your fingertips with a powerful user interface and API for integrating with your own processes, software and hardware.


About TC3 (Mountain View, California)

Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) is a 2-day, working summit where global telecommunication network operators, vendors, VCs and startups from across the ecosystem meet to bring innovation to market, faster.