How to Fix Before Fail with Remote Condition Monitoring and Smart Maintenance

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COVID-19 has made effective on-site maintenance much more difficult.  Now, more than ever, water companies need peace of mind that the assets that are likely to break can be fixed before disaster occurs.

In this interactive webinar attendees will learn:

  • How Fix Before Fail can be achieved through remote condition monitoring and smart maintenance
  • Water companies’ issues and priorities regarding maintenance at this current time
  • Typical cost savings that can be achieved
  • How water companies can respond to the changing climate, enabling better remote working
  • Innovative developments to help reduce energy and carbon footprint

Join us on 28th May 2020, 2pm to take part in this interactive webinar.

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Thursday 28th May 2020
2pm BST

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Working with 8power and Severn Trent Innovation team we have been monitoring the health of a few of our critical assets. Looking at the data, we had found one of our assets had random impact forces. If this had been a fault with the asset, the impacts would always be present. The 8power system identified an issue with the pin and the pump housing. The fault was rectified instantly and a plan to replace the damaged housing in the March shutdown is in place. If we had not detected the problem, the assets would have destroyed itself without any indication. A great find and a huge costly maintenance plan of £462,000 avoided.

Alan Butcher, Strategic Maintenance Manager of Severn Trent’s Bioresources team