Vibration energy harvesting

8power are experts in vibration energy harvesting (VEH).  It’s what we do best and we aim to bring the benefits of this emerging technology into a range of mission-critical industry applications, including machine monitoring and mobile asset tracking, what we refer to as “digital transportation”. For more detailed information, please contact us.

8power’s vibration energy harvesting (VEH) technology produces electrical power for sensors, local processing and wireless communication. It is designed to support wireless condition monitoring in a range of applications, such as machine monitoring and digital transportation.

Other companies have developed this type of vibration energy harvesting device before, but 8power has a unique, patented, technical approach, developed at the University of Cambridge.

By making novel use of a phenomenon known as Parametric Resonance, 8power’s devices are able to harvest up to 10x the power of competing devices under comparable conditions, measured using a figure of merit for vibration energy harvesting devices (Priya and Inman, Energy Harvesting Technologies, Springer US, 2009).

The system integrates with a data platform to allow sensor readings to be captured and analysed in real time, and to provide long-term insights such as prediction of failures.